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HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that can cause acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). There is still no cure for HIV or AIDS, but there are treatments that allow people transmitted with the virus to live longer, healthier lives.

How is

HIV spread?

  • HIV is spread through body fluids, such as blood, semen (sperm), vagina fluids, and breast milk.
  • HIV is spread from one person to another by:
    • Having sex (vaginal, anal, or oral) without a condom or dental dam with a person transmitted with HIV.
    • Sharing needles with a person transmitted with HIV
    • Through pregnancy, childbirth or breast feeding if the mother is transmitted with HIV, she can infect the baby or fetus.
    • Receive a transfusion of HIV – transmission blood (this is very rare in the United States).

Here are additional steps you can take to prevent HIV infection

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  • Use latex condom with water based lubricant every time you have vaginal or anal sex
  • When you have oral sex, use a condom or a Dental dam (a rectangular latex sheet that is put over the vagina)
  • If you share sex toys with your partner, use a condom and clean the toys after each use
  • Limit your number of sexual partners
  • Do not inject drugs or share needles with anyone
  • If you have more than one sexual partner, get tested regularly for HIV

HIV Testing

Get free testing for HIV

The only way to know if you have HIV is by getting tested. Know your status. You could be transmitted and feel healthy. You can get tested for HIV at a doctor’s office, in a clinic, or health center. There are different types of tests for HIV. Some of them can be done through a blood sample and others can be done with a sample of saliva from the mouth.

If the results are positive, you will need a second confirmatory HIV test done. We will help you
with advice and counseling to get all the help you need to fight and live with HIV.


You will see us at the following events throughout the community conducting free HIV testing, distributing condoms, and much more:
  • Black Expo
  • Cleo’s Bodega
  • Near West Side events at Flanner’s House
  • Festivals and events at the International Marketplace neighborhoods
  • and many others!
Be on the lookout for our new Mobile Clinic to come to a community near you for HIV testing! We have English and Spanish speaking providers on the Clinic Tuesdays and Fridays. If you would like us to conduct free testing at your event, business, or community fair, please contact us here


& Counseling

If you want more information on how to prevent this infection, ask us here or come to one of our clinics where you can get an HIV test for free and we can give you advice if:

  • You are concerned you may be transmitted with HIV
  • You are already transmitted with HIV and are concerned about spreading it to other people
  • Want advice on how to talk to your partner about sexually transmitted diseases


From testing to prevention and treatment; we are here to increase your understanding and access to PrEP.

We are here to help you through your continuum of care.


The series of steps a person with HIV takes from initial diagnosis through their successful treatment with HIV medication

For the culture believes access to healthcare
is for everyone and Black Lives Matter.

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